Late August deals haven’t always helped the Angels

The Angels surprised many baseball fans Thursday by acquiring and to augment their chase for a wild-card spot in the playoffs.

Here’s a look at some other late-August deals the team has made while trying to make the playoffs:

1970: Angels purchase outfielder Tony Gonzalez on Aug. 31. He hits .304 in 26 games, but Angels fade from the playoff race.

1979: Angels acquire relief pitcher John Montague from Seattle on Aug. 29 for shortstop Jim Anderson. Montague wins two games and saves six in 14 help Angels win first division title. Don’t ask about the playoffs (I hate John Lowenstein).

1982: Angels trade pitcher Dennis Rasmussen to the New York Yankees for pitcher Tommy John on Aug. 31. John goes 4-2 in seven starts to get the them to the playoffs. He wins Game 1 of the ALCS vs. Milwaukee, but can’t close out the series in Game 4.

1998: Injury-riddled Angels pick up infielder Gregg Jefferies from Philadelphia for minor leaguer Doug Nickle on Aug. 28. Jefferies hits .347 in 19 games. Doesn’t help, Angels fade.

2009: Angels send Matthew Sweeney, and to Tampa Bay for pitcher . Kazmir goes 2-2 with a 1.73 ERA in six starts. Angels win the division. He gets shelled by Boston and New York in the playoffs.

— Chris Foster

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