Letter: How does public prayer damage college?

After the Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a formal legal complaint, West Branch High School in eastern Ohio voluntarily stopped hosting prayers across the in-arena or stadium broadcast system before football and boys basketball games.

I propose to go with the freedom to ignore the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Even though I think winning a game doesn’t really go with prayer, I still feel the teams have their right to personal reflection in whatever form they choose.

I applaud the parents and these young players. Who was being hurt here? Is it really offensive when someone bows their head for all of one minute?

I don’t attend rallies to take away the rights of atheists because I choose to leave them alone. We have teachers, soldiers and students who can’t put a Bible on their desk or in their lockers without someone complaining their rights have been infringed upon. Does anyone anywhere feel maybe our rights to be a Christian are being stomped on by these groups?

Is it because we choose to raise our children with good morals or the fact that we obey laws and don’t show bias or prejudice?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation should pick on someone else. I for one will never give up my right to prayer or to be a Christian, which equals, oh my, “a good citizen.” 

Marsha Heisley



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