Letter: Infrastructure helps reasonably priced vitality

If Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania were a separate country, the region would be the world’s third-largest producer of natural gas. This has helped convert our country from net importers to exporters of natural gas.

This low-cost source of energy has led to a resurgence in local manufacturing, with Ohio landing 240 new manufacturing projects in 2016. Businesses that produce goods now account for 18 percent of the state’s economy and employ more than one in eight people, per the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association.

But more can be done.

This growth is increasing demand for affordable energy, which requires us to modernize and expand the state’s infrastructure — pipelines and transmission lines included. With increased capacity, Ohioans can further reduce imports and produce the quantities of energy they need safely and more cost-effectively, with fewer bottlenecks.

It also would aid a healthier environment. Pipelines are, per federal and industry data, 4.5 times safer at moving energy than other methods, and 99.999 percent of what’s moved via pipeline safely arrives at its destination.

But a cleaner Ohio and more prosperous manufacturing sector can only happen if policymakers better balance environmental sustainability with energy production and transmission — and if we support their efforts to do so.

Chris Ventura

Executive director

Consumer Energy Alliance



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