Letter: Submeter corporations want restraints

You can put lipstick on a pig, but ¡t is still a pig. In the case of submeter companies, that is an ugly pig. They provide no service to the apartment tenant or condo resident in any shape or form. They only serve to generate a profit for themselves and the property owner/manager.

They buy electric and gas services at a steep discount, bill the full amount and then add more on top.

I was once a victim of a submeter company where I was paying around 20 to 25 percent more for my utilities than if I purchased them directly from the regulated provider. So where is the “added service” to those being held hostage to submeter companies? There is none.

Why has it taken more than five years for the legislature to take action on this, unless of course members are taking donations from the submeter companies? Legislators’ responsibilities are in part to protect their constituencies, not ensure the success of a company overcharging for its “service.”

Why waste time even debating state Sen. Kevin Bacon’s bill, Senate Bill 157, which is designed to keep submeter companies viable? The alternative bill offered up by state Rep. Mike Duffey is the only one that makes any sense. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio could force submeter companies to bill no greater than regulated utilities. Submeter companies could still be profitable, just not greedy.

Look, it’s not that submeter companies should not exist. But this is America and America believes in freedom of choice.

Jeffrey Zupp



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