Letter: Take excessive highway to repair the roads

Columnist Joe Blundo has struck another blow for clarity (“If it had a new name, maybe we‘d improve it,” Thursday‘s Dispatch). This time he was calling for the use of specifics when talking about infrastructure, and questioning the practice of using the word “crumbling” to modify infrastructure.

It would be refreshing if we could speak simply about repairing and improving our nations highways and bridges, if that‘s what we mean.

I also protest the politicians‘ (of both parties) use of such words as “broken” and “failing” when speaking of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or government itself. There are many things in our country, cities and communities that need to be strengthened and improved, but we need to quit the negativity and begin the hard work of strengthening and improving. Good things are still taking place in the U.S., and if we choose to be positive, we can make life even better.

James Magaw

Mount Vernon


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