Alleged Kalasin rapist surrenders, confesses

Rapist suspect Tissanu Thonarat, 30, wearing a red T-shirt, is interrogated by police at Na Mon police station in Kalasin after his surrender on Friday to face charges of attempted murder, rape and illegal possession of a firearm. (Photo by Yongyuth Phuphuangphet)

KALASIN: A man wanted for the shooting of a male student and the abduction and rape of his female companion surrendered to police and confessed to the charges.

The 30-year-old suspect, Tissanu Thonarat, ed Kham Muang police for the surrender at a petrol station in tambon Na Than of Kham Muang district. The petrol station was run by his elder sister. 

His surrender came after investigators from Provincial Police Region 4 and Kalasin police threatened to shoot and kill if he opened fire.

The suspect had fled after shooting Sema Saengrit, a university student, in the face and a female university student who rode with him on the pillion seat of his motorcycle in Na Mon district early on Tuesday morning. The two students went out to buy goods at a convenience store shortly before the incident.

Rapist suspect surrenders after police threaten to shoot and kill if he opens fire. (Photo by Yongyuth Phuphuangphet)

The woman filed a complaint with police that she was raped by her abductor in his pickup truck and then abandoned on Phu Phan mountain.

The Kalasin Court approved an arrest warrant for Tissanu on charges of attempted murder, rape and illegal possession of a firearm.

A team of investigators, led by Na Mon police chief Pol Col Natthanop Watcharasewee, took the suspect from the petrol station to Na Mon police station for interrogation. 

Angry residents and university students arrived at the station on Friday after learning about his surrender.

During the interrogation, Tissanu told police he had a quarrel with his wife and they lived separately two days ago. A night before the crime, he drank a bottle of liquor, took two speed pills and then drove his pickup truck around until he saw the two students on a motorcycle near a university.

He then drove his pickup truck near the bike and tried to abduct the woman, but the male student tried to help her. He then fired a shot at the male student and abducted the woman, the suspect allegedly told police.

After taking her into his vehicle, he drove to Phu Phan mountain, where he forced her to take off her clothes and raped her three times in his pickup truck. At around 4am on Tuesday, he abandoned her on the mountain. He initially took 1,000 baht cash from the victim, but later returned 400 baht to her before driving home, said the suspect. 

He subsequently went into hiding in a forest before ing a relative to arrange for his surrender. He confessed to all charges.

The suspect was held in police custody for legal action.

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