Austin Rivers, Patrick Beverley making backcourt work for Clippers

Right away, and Patrick Beverley were determined to make a connection as new backcourt mates for the .

Beverley was new to the Clippers, having been acquired from the in the trade.

was new to the starting lineup, having been a substitute during his first two-plus seasons with the Clippers.

To start meshing as soon as they could, Rivers and Beverley went to Las Vegas during the summer league to get a head start on things.

When they returned to Los Angeles a few days later, the two worked out together at the team’s practice facility in Playa Vista.

“We’re great,” Rivers said before the Clippers played the on Monday night at Staples Center. “I’ve been with him all summer. Me and Patrick are good.”

Rivers and Beverley had plenty to prove, and that made it easier for them to work hard as a duo.

Rivers wanted to prove he deserved to be a starter and Beverley wanted to show that the Clippers made a good decision to get him.

“Starting in summer league, we worked out with each other,” Rivers said. “Then we played pickup all summer with each other. We came in here [at the practice facility] and worked out with each other. We put in some invested time with one another to get to know each other’s game. We’ve meshed very well. That’s why the transition that you’ve seen has been very fluid. We fit very well together.”

Before the Clippers played the Warriors, Rivers was averaging 11.8 points per game and Beverley 13.2

“I felt comfortable with Patrick from the get-go,” Rivers said. “It feels good.”

Rivers and Beverley take pride in playing defense.

That helped them make this work together.

“I think defensively they’re ahead more than they are offensively,” coach Doc Rivers said. “But defensively, they’ve been terrific overall. So, yeah, I think they’re pretty good.

“Offensively, I keep saying we’re going to catch up to that slowly, even though I like our offense now and how we’re playing.”

Injuries to Rivers and Beverley during training camp slowed down the process some.

Rivers had to deal with a glute injury suffered during the first exhibition game in Hawaii and Beverly suffered a right knee injury in the third game.

Each missed practice time and didn’t play again until the first regular-season game.

“They both are pretty tough guys. So they’re fine in their minds,” Doc Rivers said. “Listen, when you miss that much, you’re behind a little bit. Both are fine as far as just playing the game though, so I’m fine with it.”

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