B17.6bn canal in Ayutthaya gets nod

The cabinet has approved in principle a 17.6-billion-baht project to build a run-off drainage canal in Ayutthaya province to mitigate flooding in the old capital.

With a capacity of 25 million cubic metres, the Bang Ban-Bang Sai canal will move water from Muang district at 1,200 cu m/s. When combined with the capacity of the Chao Phraya River, water can be drained at 2,400 cu m/s, said Col Athisith Chainuwat, assistant spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office.

The 23km canal comes with two-lane roads on both sides, a control building, watergates to drain or store water for the dry season, as well as bridges and other necessary structures.

The project will relieve flooding in the Chao Phraya plains — from the end of the Chao Phraya Dam to the Gulf of Thailand.

Also benefiting from the new canal will be around 230,000 rai of farmland in Muang, Bang Ban, Bang Sai, Bang Pa-in, Phak Hai and Sena districts in Ayutthaya and Pa Mok district of Ang Thong province.

The Royal Irrigation Department will conduct a survey, handle the design and acquire land so the canal can be completed by 2019. 

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