Heavy fines for mother, son videoed abusing traffic officer

A woman and her hot-tempered teenage son shown in a video clip scolding and spitting at a traffic policeman were each sentenced to a month in jail, suspended for one year, and fined 5,000 and 9,200 baht respectively on Tuesday.

Prosecutors charged 19-year-old Payu Sae Ngaw with failing to wear a crash helmet, unlicensed driving, riding a motorcycle without a licence plate and insulting a traffic officer doing his duty. His mother, Sarawan, was charged with insulting the officer. 

The Bangkok South Municipal Court found the two defendants guilty as charged. 

The court fined the teenager 1,000 baht for riding a motorcycle with no licence plate, 500 baht for having no driving licence, 200 baht for failing to wear a crash helmet, 5,000 baht for insulting a traffic officer and 2,500 baht fine for physically assaulting the officer. 

In total, he was fined 9,200 baht and sentenced to one month in prison, but the jail term was suspended for one year. He was ordered to report to probation officers every four months, Thai media reported.

The court sentenced Ms Sarawan to one month in jail, also suspended for a year, and a fine of 5,000 baht. 

The mother and the son drew heavy criticism after a videoclip was posted online showing them scolding  and abusing a Thung Mahamek traffic officer who locked the youth’s motorcycle after stopping him on Rama IV Road on Sept 18. The youth was delivering food boxes to customers.

In the video, the voices to two policemen could be heard. One of them took the video, which mainly  showed the mother and son.

The angry youth abused the officer in very crude language for locking the wheel of his bike. He challenged him to take off his uniform and have a fight.

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