Letter: Celebration shuts out contemporary candidates

On Feb. 5, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper correctly tweeted, “In every corner of Ohio, authentic Ohioans, tired of politics as usual in Columbus and Washington, are stepping up to run for office.” Unfortunately, the Franklin County Democratic Party has not received the message and has proactively prevented new candidates from running for office. The county party has not learned lessons from 2014 or 2016.

When authentic, young Ohioans attempted to run for local, state, or federal office, the county party gave them a condescending pat on the head coupled with a “bless your heart” message when they endorsed tired, repeat candidates for office during their endorsement meeting several weeks ago.

The Franklin County Democratic Party is coming from a place of limited resources and sheer hubris by attempting to stop competitive primaries. People should choose their candidates, not county political insiders.

Andrew Dugan



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