Rams punter Johnny Hekker and linebacker Robert Quinn stand together during national anthem

Rams linebacker stood on the sideline and raised a fist during the playing of the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the , continuing a practice he started last season.

But in this instance, punter put his arm around Quinn, who returned the gesture.

“Just a sign of love for my brother,” Hekker said after the game, adding, “That’s what it’s all about, just showing some solidarity.”

Last season, quarterback sat or kneeled during the anthem to protest what he says is police brutality and racial oppression in the United States. Kaepernick is now an unsigned free agent.

Players from several teams this season have demonstrated during the anthem.

Raising a fist represents more than a protest, Quinn said, and is a sign of appreciation to the ancestors who made the way for him.

Hekker asked Quinn about his stance before joining him Sunday.

“I kind of explained to him why I do it and whatnot,” Quinn said. “He understood and I just think that just showed the message we’re trying to send is unity and hopefully we just keep spreading that and hopefully one day we can make the world realize what we’re really about and we’re all one people.”

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